Baxter Orr Muse 100 Fall.png

100 MUSES. “Fall”

Baxter Orr Muse 100 L Train Shutdown.png

100 MUSES. “L Train”

Baxter Orr Muse 100 Gossip.png

100 MUSES. “Gossip”

Baxter Orr Muse 100 Judgement.png

100 MUSES. “Judgement”

Baxter Orr Muse100 Plastic Straw.png

100 MUSES. “Plastic Straw”

Baxter Orr Muse100 Conformity.png

100 MUSES. “Conformity”

Baxter Orr Muse100 Shhh.png

100 MUSES. “Shhh”

Baxter Orr Muse100 The Pointer.png

100 MUSES. “The Pointer”

Baxter Orr Muse 100 Barrettes.png

100 MUSES. “Barrettes”

Lily Collins

A Frame Love

Thumbdrive Bandit

Polar Bears

Live Simple

Icon Set Sample (Full Set Includes 200 Unique Icons)

IH Scout Love

Nautical Icon Set


Boat Shoe

Ode to My Bike Accident




Freddy Krueger

Hannibal Lecter

Bo Knows

Steve Jobs

Die Antwoord

Mr. Peanut

Pee Wee Herman & Chairy

Mr. T

Spring Widow

Me as Hello Kitty's Friend, Hello Baxter

Work Naturally

Technical Illustrations for Nationwide Insurance

Die Antwoord - Ninja

Vanilla Girl

Elvis 1977

Strawberry Shortcake

Forever Young

Green Eyes

Self Portrait

Past, Present, Future 1986

Noel Gallagher (OASIS)

Baxter Orr Protect Yourself Starbucks Coffee.gif

Protect Yourself - Starbucks

Protect Yourself - Autobots

Protect Yourself - Obey Giant

Protect Yourself - Kiss

Protect Yourself